Employment Principles

Diversity within the workforce means a lot to us at MACA.

At present, our workforce spans 8 mine sites and includes approximately 1050 employees across our operations.  It represents a rich assortment of countries and cultures on our sites.

We want to deliver value to our shareholders as an Australian company and to do this we need the broad range of ideas and experiences of our people, customers, communities and suppliers.

We will strive to provide opportunities to all our people who have the talent, passion, integrity, attitude and desire to work within a growing organisation that values and supports them.

Our focus is to harness the unique skills and experience that each individual brings to MACA. 

All employees and applicants are treated and evaluated according to their job-related skills, relevant qualifications & technical abilities.  Harassment in any form within MACA is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.