MACA is committed to ensuring that our workforce is highly skilled and trained

Engineering Vacation Work 

At MACA our Vacation work program is designed to assist our future leaders to develop their skills and ambitions as a professional Engineer. MACA Mining and MACA Civil have an annual intake of second and third year Engineering students. Successful applicants will work over the summer and be introduced to various aspects of contract mining and civil work. This program is designed to assist students in gaining practical “hands on” experience.
Each student will be mentored by one of MACA’s engineers who have themselves been through the program, providing the student with all the support they need in order to develop their skillsets.
Students who impress over the vacation period have the chance to be offered MACA’s scholarship which has proven to be one of the most rewarding. 

Scholarship / Engineering Graduate Program

MACA’s Engineering Graduate Program is a structured to develop our Graduates with a blend of experience across various Mining and Civil projects. Our program has been designed over a three year period so that each graduate is provided with the opportunity to experience all aspects of our business and in effect, smoothly transition them from university into a work environment. 
Each graduate is provided with exposure to a number of different operations during the program which introduces them to a number of different management styles and commodities. It is envisaged that this will primarily be achieved by working on site in a “hands on”, “shift work” role, with a small amount of time being spent in our Perth office.  
Each graduate will be mentored by one of MACA’s senior employees providing all the support they need in order to develop and enhance their skillsets and experience. When the program has been completed, the graduate will be ready to hit the ground running as they will be familiar with MACAs culture, people, policies and procedures. 


To be eligible for MACA’s Vacation Work and Scholarship program, applicants must:
  • Currently be completing a degree in either Civil Engineering or Mining Engineering and preferably be in second or third year.
  • Is an Australian citizen or has the right to permanently work in Australia
  • Is able to work on a fly in fly out roster 
The MACA Vacation Work Program will be advertised in July and August 2016. If you think this could be for you, please forward a cover letter, resume & current grade transcript by 31st August 2016 to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Below is some feedback from previous scholarship students, all of whom still work within the team at MACA:
"With exposure to both drill and blast, and load and haul the MACA vacation program gives you the practical experience necessary to have an easy transition from studying to working in the mining industry." (Scott Pileggi, WASM 2014)
"Being a part of the MACA vacation program gives you invaluable practical experience to compliment your technical knowledge. Combining this together, allows you to build a solid foundation to start your professional mining engineering career." (Jarrod Diermajer, WASM 2013)
"Vac work with MACA allowed me to work in a variety of roles, with a strong focus on practical learning and safe practices. The scholarship program made me feel like a part of the team before I had even graduated, and I am now enjoying the challenges and rewards of being a graduate engineer" (Jack Le Serve, WASM 2012)
"MACA has the best program available for mining engineering students as the experience and exposure gained through Vac work enables you to come straight out of university with a degree of practical mining knowledge" (Josh Redmond, WASM 2011)
"If you want to get ahead of the rest, a MACA scholarship gives you the tools and platform to do so. From both an academic and practical work experience aspect, this is the best way to make your vacation work count towards your career goals" (Ewen Koh, WASM 2011)
"The MACA experience is what is expected from a Mining Contractor, hands on and fast paced. I highly value all the information and experience that has been passed onto me. It’s always a bonus when you are happy enough in your role to become passionate about your work" (Ben Stevenson, WASM 2010)
"Working with MACA through university prepares students well for the challenges they’ll face once they start full time in the industry. Its program provides beneficial hands on experience in all aspects of contract mining and paves the way towards a long and fulfilling career" (Ben Cooper, WASM 2009)
From the left: Geoff Baker (Operations Director) and MACA’s mining engineers from WASM Josh Redmond, Ben Stevenson, Ben Cooper and Ewen Koh


 From the left: Geoff Baker (Operations Director) and MACA’s mining engineers from WASM Josh Redmond, Ben Stevenson, Ben Cooper and Ewen Koh.