Major Projects undertaken by MACA Infrastructure in Victoria recently include:

Client: Vic Roads

  • Western Region Road and Roadside Maintenance CN8124 (Current)
  • South East Metro Roadside Vegetation Management CN8292 (Current)
  • Longford – Roadworks CN9326 (Current)
  • Seaspray section – safety improvements (Current)
  • Hume Highway – safety barriers (Current)
  • Hopkins Highway Mortlock – widening and shoulder repairs (Current)
  • Kooweup- Longwarry – Pavement repairs (Current)
  • Midland Highway Benalla – Safety improvements CN9336 (Current)
  • Run of Road Central Highlands CN9404 (Current)
  • O'Hearns Road Upgrade CN 9483 (Current)
  • Shared Path Croydon CN9459 (Current)
  • Glenelg Hwy Rehab CN9549 (Current)

Client: Yarra Ranges

  • Yarra Ranges – Mowing CN9128 (Current)
  • Yarra Bridge Replacement Works (Current)

Client: Baw Baw Shire

  • Road Maintenance CN25101 (Current)

Client: Wellington Shire

  • Settlement Road Kilmany (Current)
  • Pound Road West (Current)
  • Maffra Pearson St – Reconstruction (Current)

Client: Hobson Bay

  • Kooroit Creek Trail – Shared Path (Current)
  • Correa Street Sea Wall (Current)

Client: DELWP