MACA Limited (MACA) recognises the importance in employing a professional team from a diverse background to provide quality mining and civil contracting services to the resources industry.


Our approach to diversity aligns with the following objectives:

  • provide an inclusive workplace that fosters an environment which engages men and women to draw on their skills, ideas and experience which drives performance, innovation and achievement
  • demonstrate leadership, integrity and respect in personal, corporate, social and global values
  • contribute to the economic, social and environmental needs of local communities
  • focus on the development and opportunities within our talent management processes, ensuring greater representation of women in senior roles across the business
  • improved employment and career opportunities for indigenous employees
  • ensure selection and recruitment criteria is fair, valid and appropriate which reflects the benefits of employing a broad and diverse pool of people
  • ensure pay equity is applied across our workforce and systems to support our objective
  • ensure workplace arrangements are flexible to ensure a supportive environment that achieves performance.


MACA will achieve the above objectives by developing and implementing management systems and providing adequate resources for managers, supervisors and employees in order to:

  • continue to align selection and recruitment processes with current legislative and role requirements
  • integrate procedures for consultative communication, dispute resolution, supervision, mentoring and training within all MACA systems
  • provide a workplace program aimed at eliminating discrimination, contributing to fair treatment and equal opportunity in the workplace
  • residents of local communities in which we work be given the opportunity for employment and development within MACA
  • execute the actions of this policy which will be administered in a fair and timely manner by the Human Resources Management Plan.

All people are different not just race and gender, but age, education, physical ability, sexual orientation, religion, cultural background, family responsibilities and other potential differences.  MACA recognises and values this diversity in its workplace with the many backgrounds, skill sets, experiences and perspectives people bring to our organization and the community in which it works.


MACA Limited
Board of Directors

February 2017