Group 26

Our Vision is to be Number 1 in what we do.

At MACA we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace, being a culturally sensitive and aware workplace and ultimately working towards achieving our vision of being Number 1 in what we do.

Our corporate governance ensures we build and maintain solid relationships with our clients, staff and stakeholders and is critical to our success as a business.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. We also plan our work responsibly in order to minimise the impact to the environment. You can view our Policy here.

Business Management

We aim to be a recognisable symbol throughout the industry we work, synonymous with delivering a professional product and service, conducted in a manner consistent with
our core values. View our policy here.

Cultural Diversity Policy

MACA acknowledges that cultural diversity is key to providing a culturally sensitive and respectful workplace which will aid in realising our Vision of being number one in what we do. MACA prides itself in being an equal opportunity employer where cultural diversity is demonstrated through our Core Values. View our policy here.