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Hawaiian Ride for Youth

MACA is a Team Sponsor of the Hawaiian Ride for Youth

MACA once again participated in this year’s Hawaiian Ride for Youth with Team MACA taking on the challenge of riding the 700kms from Geraldton to Perth.

On their journey the riders stopped at high schools to engage with students in the issues of youth suicide, depression and anxiety and offer the services of Youth Focus.  The riders shared their personal stories with the students.

2018 was yet another extraordinary year for the Hawaiian Ride for Youth with a total of 181 riders crossing the finish line, including a record number of 60 new riders, 38 women, and 48 voluntary support crew members.

There was also a record number of 26 schools visited, where more than 3,500 students were engaged and lives were changed for the better.

In total, $2,353,559 was raised in support of Youth Focus with Team MACA contributing $121,912.  The funds raised play a crucial role in helping young people receive vital mental health counselling, whilst at the same time raising community awareness of mental health and reducing its associated stigma.

This year’s Team MACA comprised Mark Sladden (Team Captain and 7th time rider), David Kent (6th time rider), Martin Pratt (2nd year rider) and first year riders Brad Miller, Mark Breingan and Matt Miller.  Congratulations to you all.  You should be proud of what you’ve achieved and the difference you have made to youth.

For more details on the Ride, the services provided by Youth Focus or you want to get involved, follow the link below.


Team MACA - From L to R: David Kent, Matt Miller, Martin Pratt, Mark Sladden, Brad Miller, Mark Breingan

2019 $155,562 $2,205,217
2018 $121,912 $2,353,559
2017 $91,145 $2,548,148
2016 $83,968 $2,427,698
2015 $131,987 $2,427,698
2014 $125,313 $1,947,780
2013 $95,640 $1,631,889

If you want to understand more about the Ride, Youth Focus or get involved, you can also follow the link below.


For more information about the Hawaiian Ride for Youth, please visit their website