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Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

'image description'MACA Limited is proud to be a sponsor of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research logo

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is Western Australia’s premier adult medical research institute, investigating the genetic and environmental causes of a range of diseases. The Institute's ultimate goal is to conduct clinical studies with an ultimate goal of preventing disease, developing and creating improved medical treatments. The Institute has made, and continues to make, a number of internationally important discoveries with the potential to deliver better health to the global community.

The generosity of MACA does not go unnoticed, donating a total of $100,000 over 3 years to the non-for-profit organization. This donation will contribute to fund the cost of the experimental work in the form of a Researcher or to fund a PhD Scholarship.

We originally were introduced to WAIMR through its organizer Lesley Hooper who we met through the Princess Margaret Hospital. When working with Lesley in the past we have identified which areas our donation would be used effectively. We know by contributing to this medical research we will be able to help uncover vital medical treatments and preventions which will in fact save lives. MACA is extremely proud to be supporting such a noble and worthy cause and is ensuring they can add best value to their donation.

June 2011 ’Time Capsule’ ensures future research supplies

A generous donation by Welshpool company, Mining and Civil Australia (MACA) has enabled Western Australian scientists to buy a new freezer so that precious biological samples can be kept for many years.

The archive freezer will be used by researchers at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR).

“The new freezer works like a time capsule,” said WAIMR’s Research Manager, Kathleen Davern. “We’ll use it to store back-up samples of cells, tissues, serum and patient samples for many months or years.

“We very much appreciate MACA’s decision to donate almost $23,000 so that we could make this purchase.”

MACA’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Tuckwell and Operations Director, Geoff Baker visited the WAIMR laboratory to see the new equipment which runs at minus 80 degrees Celsius.

“We got an anxious call earlier last month that a freezer had failed in the lab and could we help in replacing the old freezer with a state of the art unit and in quick time. Having supported WAIMR in the past and into the future we were more than happy to provide support in this area,” said MACA’s Operations Director, Geoff Baker.

The freezer is an order of magnitude colder than a domestic freezer and will store biological specimens without any deterioration until they are needed and thawed.

Manager Kathleen Davern shortly after the freezer was installed

Manager Kathleen Davern shortly after the freezer was installed