Group 26

MACA is proud to have formalised a commitment with world-leading teams from AVL, Forsee Power and Mitsui to bring battery-powered mining equipment to life.

Electrification and autonomy go hand-in-hand. Our interoperable battery electric vehicle solution is our response to the industry’s energy transition challenge and will significantly reduce emissions.

Our whole of life battery solution will maximise the life of modular batteries by using them in less demanding requirements of our machinery fleet throughout their operational life. The full economic life of the battery will be used, beyond its first use in a haul truck.

This means after a certain state of charge that is no longer applicable to the mining operation, the modular battery can be used in other applications such as loaders, ADTs, small skid steers then finally lower energy demand units. Deploying battery retrofit solutions will help our clients reach their net zero targets to decarbonise their value chain, regardless of project size, life or commodity.

By advancing the efficiency of mineral extraction and construction we are creating sustainable futures for our people, clients and industry.