Lil MACA Leading the way for Innovative Healthcare in WA

We are a proud long-standing partner of the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, helping give WA’s sick children the best chance of leading their happiest and healthiest lives.

MACA entered a partnership with the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in 2008. Since then, the company has contributed over $1.2 million to the Foundation which has helped provide world-class care through innovative technology and equipment at Perth Children’s Hospital.

More recently, MACA has donated a medical human simulation patient known as ‘Lil MACA’ to PCHF. The simulator enables health professionals to practice skills, communication, leadership and team-work in a safe learning environment for emergency situations and clinical challenges.

Lil MACA is the world’s most advanced school age mannequin available, and an Australian first.

It is a privilege to work with the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and support their mission of transforming the healthcare of sick children and young people in WA.

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