Life is all about timing.

Working FIFO would never have been a consideration for Bruce and his tight-knit family a few years ago.

Now, with the kids out of home, and the attraction to a higher income with more time off, Bruce took the punt to start his FIFO career.

“I had no experience in the industry and didn’t know how to operate any machinery. So, I got a few qualifications under my belt and tried my hand at small civil machines before joining MACA at the Tampia Gold mine early last year.

“The site was brand new at the time. It’s a unique environment to work in and it’s a novelty to see the mine progress from a greenfields site, literally, to where it is today,” said Bruce.

Prior to MACA, Bruce owned his own business.

“The combination of the stress of owning my own business and not really having any time off eventually prompted my decision to change careers.

“The timing was just right. Personally, I would’ve found it very hard having small children and working away. But now, the solid week I have at home is definitely more treasured,” said Bruce.

With almost two years in the industry, Bruce has worked his way through operating different machinery.

“I started on the dump truck, then watercart and loader and now I’m operating the grader. I’d like to make my way to the dozer next,” said Bruce.

What Bruce enjoys most about his new career is the people.

“Everyone I work with is really supportive, it’s a great small site with a great crew. Senior staff all know you by name and they really listen to you. To me, that’s very important,” he said.

An entrepreneur at heart, Bruce’s pioneering and collaboration skills have been put to practice on site.

“At the end of the day, we’re all working together to safely achieve our goals that day and it’s satisfying when new ideas or approaches come to fruition,” said Bruce.

When not at work, Bruce spends his time with family enjoying all that living in the southwest has to offer.