Meet Bo.

Bo is a Digger Operator at Moolart Well. 

Starting with MACA as a dump truck operator, Bo’s skillset and excellent operator ability led to her rapid role progression.

“I started with MACA as a dump truck operator, and also worked as a crew trainer. Six months later, I transitioned to the water cart for a few months and then to the grader. After a year with MACA, I started on the digger.”

“I love operating machines, but what I most enjoy about MACA is the teamwork. Everyone works together and looks out for each other.

“Even though MACA is a big company, it’s small enough that everyone knows each other and it’s a bit more personal. There are so many opportunities and pathways available within MACA, so you can keep learning, which is fantastic,” said Bo.

Bo’s advice to those interested in joining the industry is to be open to opportunity.

“As long as you’re motivated, hard-working and say yes to any opportunity, there are a lot of doorways that will open for you. There’s so much to learn,” said Bo.

Along with being a digger operator, Bo is also a member of Moolart Well’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) provided by our client, Regis Resources.

“ERT is a really cool program. One day each swing the team trains together, experiences emergency simulations and learns how to respond.”

“Thanks to Regis, this program has allowed me to complete a Certificate III in Mines Rescue, First Aid training, and I have recently completed an underground search and rescue course,” said Bo.

Trainer Assessor, Rachel, says Bo’s involvement in community and site initiatives is what sets her apart.

“Bo makes the effort to get involved. Not only with MACA’s community initiatives, like the MACA Cancer 200, but with the Emergency Response Team program and making the time to socialise on site to form great relationships,” said Rachel.

“Bo said she loves the strong team feel at MACA, what she might not realise is that she is the team driver and forms an integral part of the community on site.

“Bo’s positivity, love of life and enthusiasm to get out there is what makes her a fantastic team member and operator,” said Rachel.

Bo is looking forward to a strong and exciting future ahead with MACA.

“I’m hoping to be on the digger for a while, I really want to perfect it. I’m open to seeing where the industry takes me, but I know I want to keep learning, going up or sideways, wherever it may take me,” said Bo.

At MACA our people are central to our success. If you’d like to find out more about a career with MACA, visit our careers page.

Bo at Emergency Response Team (ERT) training