Meet Brett.

Brett is a Project Manager at Mount Magnet.

When joining MACA nearly 10 years ago, Brett was looking for a career change. After a decade in the army, Brett made the move to MACA working as a Trainee Dump Truck Operator at Moolart Well. Since then, Brett has worked across multiple MACA sites and seen first-hand the growth of projects from start to finish.

After two years as an operator, Brett transferred into a Leading Hand role then Supervisor at Garden Well.

Brett’s natural ability as a leader has been the driving force behind his role progression with MACA throughout the years.

“I was a Supervisor at Garden Well and Rosemont for a few years, and at our operations in Brazil for one year before transferring back to Duketon, I’ve had great variety throughout my time with MACA,” said Brett.

“I’ve worked as a Supervisor, Mining Superintendent and Alternate Project Manager, leading to where I am now at Mount Magnet as Project Manager,” said Brett.

Brett says the people at MACA make his job so enjoyable.

“It’s an easy place to work when you have good people around you. People that work hard, are approachable and also enjoy their job,” said Brett.

“The most rewarding part of my job is the people. As a Project Manager, seeing people’s progress and development, leading into the success of a project, is most rewarding,” said Brett.

Brett’s advice to anyone interested in joining the industry is to be diligent and to listen.

“When people first start a new position, the most important thing they can do is to listen and ask questions when unsure,” said Brett.

“They must have discipline and interest. It’s not all about how quickly you can learn something, it’s about how dedicated you are to your role and how well you get along with your colleagues.

“It is also important for existing employees or Supervisors to be understanding of new employees who are new to the industry, and that they are not accustomed to the FIFO lifestyle,” said Brett.

At MACA, our people are central to our success. Like Brett, our leaders make a real difference and a positive impact to the success of our business.

If you’d like to find out more about opportunities at MACA visit our careers page.