Cultural Diversity Policy

MACA acknowledges that cultural diversity is key to providing a culturally sensitive and respectful workplace which will aid in realising our Vision of being number one in what we do.

MACA prides itself in being an equal opportunity employer where cultural diversity is demonstrated through our Core Values.

People First: We embrace diversity and are mindful of related sensitivities, to help provide a welcoming and enriching place to work. This diversity is not only generated from race or gender, but also age, education history, physical ability and sexual orientation; religion, cultural background, family responsibilities and other potential differences.

Exceeding Expectations: We value the skill sets, experiences and perspectives that a diversity in background and thinking will bring to the product and service MACA provides. This clearly differentiates MACA from competitors in delivering solutions to clients, as well as other stakeholders.

Community: We recognise the cultural, social and economic impact when interacting and working with communities. We embrace this opportunity to encourage local employment, to support local business and commit to provide other legacies this opportunity will bring.

Continuous Improvement: We encourage and foster a shared commitment across our team to continuously improve what we do as a business, inclusive of strengthening workplace cultural diversity.

To achieve this, MACA will:

  • Provide an inclusive workplace that fosters an environment which engages people to draw on their skills, ideas and experience which drives performance, innovation and achievement.
  • Demonstrate leadership, integrity and respect in all our dealings.
  • Contribute to the economic, social and environmental needs of local communities.
  • Encourage greater representation of women in senior roles across the business.
  • Improve employment and career opportunities for aboriginal employees.
  • Ensure selection and recruitment criteria is fair, equitable and appropriate which reflects the benefits of employing a broad and diverse selection of people.
  • Ensure pay equity is applied across our workforce and systems. Ensure workplace arrangements are flexible to ensure a supportive environment that achieves performance.
  • Provide a workplace program aimed at eliminating discrimination, contributing to fair treatment and equal opportunity in the workplace.

MACA Limited
Board of Directors

January 2019