Safety, Health and Environment Policy

At MACA we are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, contractors and visitors; and to plan our work responsibly in order to minimise impact to the environment. Our objective is to provide a “Zero Harm” workplace, through active leadership at all levels of the business, with informed decision-making based around our core values of People First, Exceeding Expectations, Continuous Improvement and the Community. With this commitment realised, MACA will achieve its vision to be number 1 in what we do.

To achieve this, MACA will:

  • Build a strong, supportive company culture based on visible leadership, consultation and engagement with all employees and contractors.
  • Expect total commitment by leadership personnel, employees and contractors to our objective of "Zero Harm".
  • Identify Catastrophic Risks and verify the Critical Controls are in place and functional prior to commencing an activity. Eliminate or reduce the potential catastrophic event risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Endorse relevant legislation, standards and best practice that impact on the operation and work environment, including duty of care required by employers and employees.
  • Consider the lifecycle aspect to environmental decision-making to reduce MACA's environmental footprint. Be receptive to innovative ideas that will result in reducing emission discharges, wastes, energy usage and resource consumption.
  • Identify items or areas of cultural heritage which may be impacted by our work activities, create an awareness of the significance, establish systems to protect and maintain its value.
  • Implement and monitor safe work practices and continually review related procedures to ensure employees and contractors receive the approved and current information for safe and effective execution of tasks.
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets to evaluate whether MACA is achieving the safety, health and environmental expectations, requirements and obligations of stakeholders.
  • Actively support and recognise opportunities for continuous improvement relating to safety, health and the environment.

MACA Limited
Board of Directors

June 2017