Our maintenance crew at Karlawinda recently participated in Penske OEM training to ensure our fleet is maintained and operated in peak condition.

A training instructor led the crew through practical hands-on training of a MTU 16V4000 engine as they worked together to remove injectors, set and check timing, and inspect valve sets.

The Penske engine, a component of the Terex Caterpillar MT4400 dump trucks on site, power the machines to haul up to 230 tonnes of material.

Training Manager, Sara Scott, said a knowledgeable maintenance crew is crucial to achieving productivity targets.

“Operating 24/7 would not be possible without our skilled maintenance crews who are well-trained to perform high-quality OEM standard repairs when needed.

“They ensure our fleet is back on the road without delay to keep operations running smoothly, achieving production targets, and keep our people safe,” said Sara.