Our Dump Truck Operator (DTO) Development Program is aimed at entry-level operators eager to pursue a career in the mining industry. Started in 2021, the program is an intense 3-day course of theory and practical training.

The newly revised program offers industry new entrants a structured pathway to becoming a skilled operator.

The most exciting part for most DTO Development Program participants is the practical component, which Komatsu have been an integral part in helping facilitate.

Komatsu kindly provide our participants access to a HD785-7 dump truck at their Welshpool yard. MACA have a long-standing relationship with Komatsu, with HD785-7s, HD1500-8s and 830E comprising a large portion of our haul truck fleet.

Technical Trainer, Rachel Raisin, says practical training is a valuable component of the program.

“To be able to explain equipment terminology and truck components to the new entrants without the perceived rush to leave the go-line and enter the production circuit, as you would experience on site, is something we often don’t have the luxury of,” said Rachel.

“With the level of detail we take our trainees through, a prestart inspection at the Komatsu yard can take up to two hours to complete.

“It’s exciting for participants as we usually walk past the assembly line where all the equipment is being built. I feel like a kid in a candy shop at Christmas seeing all the new ‘toys’, so I can imagine how they feel!”

Since the first DTO Development Program course in October 2021, MACA has held five practical training sessions at the Komatsu yard.

“To have access to a truck straight off the assembly line without any mud, grease or build up, is something operators don’t normally get to see.

“During our last visit, Jason Lambert who is an Account Manager at Komatsu gifted each participant some fantastic merchandise which was a lovely gesture, they loved it,” said Rachel.

A special thank you to Komatsu for supporting our aspiring operators.

If you’re interested in our DTO Development Program, please contact DTO.development.program@maca.net.au