MACA’s Training Program for Green Dump Truck Operators

Every month, MACA runs a Dump Truck Operator (DTO) development program aimed at entry-level operators eager to pursue a career in the mining industry.

The newly revised program, which launched November 2021, offers new entrants to the industry a formal and structured development DTO pathway.

The development program provides new operators the foundational knowledge they need for site.

Participants spend three days learning about generic haul truck operations through practical activities and the required operational documents.

Participants then spend several weeks on site with a crew trainer before assessment with a site trainer assessor. Once they’re driving solo, we continue to support with mentoring and skill development.

No previous experience or qualifications are required to be considered for the program.

Congratulations to our first DTO training participants for 2022, who have completed their theory and will train on site later this month!

If you’re interested in our DTO Development Program, contact

Well done to our first round of DTO program participants for 2022!