Change can be good. For Anna, leaving her job in finance last year to become an operator is a decision she wished she’d made a decade ago.

“My brother has been in the mining industry for ages and had always been trying to convince me to become a truckie. I thought it was just for boys.

“Joining MACA to become an operator is the best thing I’ve done. My only regret is not doing it sooner,” said Anna.

Anna started with the company in May 2021 at the Tampia Gold project. A new challenge on a new project.

“My first swing at Tampia was only weeks after the project began and the team was still digging topsoil. There wasn’t really even a pit.

“To see where the project is now, and knowing I’ll be here when the pit finishes as well, is pretty awesome,” said Anna.

In just over a year, Anna has continued to prove her skills as an operator.

“I felt I’ve progressed a lot over the year. I started on the dump truck and then the watercart. Now, I am in training for the roller and rock breaker.

“The rock breaker is my favourite. I like that you can work alone, just get in and get it done. The challenge of learning all the controls is new and fun,” said Anna.

After swapping the office desk for a machine cab, Anna has embraced all that her new role has to offer.

“You’re always doing something different. The weather changes all the time, the machines change, and you’re constantly learning. But the best thing about site is the crew. Our crew is the greatest!” she said.

Admittedly, the FIFO lifestyle isn’t for everyone but for Anna, it’s easy.

“I enjoy the time I have at home and working FIFO only makes this time more special. I get to spend quality time with friends and family and treat them. It’s an easy lifestyle for me,” she said.

Anna’s aspirations for the future are to progress her way to an excavator operator and supervisory roles.