To celebrate International Women’s Day we will be shining the light on some of our wonderful employees, just like Kelly.

Meet Kelly, our Site Supervisor at Moolart Well. Throughout her time with MACA Kelly has continued to progress in her career.

“After 15 years, I still love the challenge of day to day site operations. I feel supported where I work and am continuously given the opportunity to learn and progress to be number one in what we do.

Females in the industry have to prove themselves to show what we can do and aren’t always given the opportunity to have a go.

Celebrating International Women’s Day is a chance to show that we are equal. At the end of the day, we are all human and can accomplish the same thing. I hope to see more female leaders in the industry, who are treated equally and are not hindered from equal opportunities due to unconscious bias.

To break the bias, we all need to have the same attitude in treating everyone equal no matter what their gender is.”