A self-confessed “mad” rugby, Manchester United and F1 Red Bull Racing fan, and a dedicated family man, Ravensthorpe Alternate Project Manager Sean shares a little about his experience with MACA.

Sean first commenced with MACA at the beginning of 2020 as the Mining Superintendent at Ravensthorpe. It was only 12 months later that Sean received a promotion, and was transferred to the Alternate Project Manager role, a position he still holds today.

“I do really enjoy working with a company that looks after their people and having a heavy influence on supporting and educating the community,” he said.

Being a part of a local community is something that Sean enjoys and is proud to see when MACA is involved in his local community of Hopetoun.

“Since moving to Hopetoun it’s great to see MACA get involved in the community events the town offers. Events such as Santa in the Park and Ladies Day at the golf course are some of the bigger events that come to mind.

“I love being involved and it is so rewarding to see the appreciation of the local community towards the efforts made by the team,” said Sean.

Another part of working at MACA that Sean finds rewarding is watching the development and progression of his team and said teaching someone a new skill or talent, and watching them succeed, is the most fulfilling thing a leader can experience.

“With the labour market being so tight currently, it is now more important than ever to develop our employees to be more versatile and aim to achieve goals that they may not have believed were in their reach,” he said.

With over a decade of experience in operations and previously working as a Mining Supervisor, Sean has a lot of advice to pass on to his team and potential candidates looking to break into the industry.

“My biggest advice I would give anyone interested in joining the industry is to just be open. Come and explore different roles and see the different sides to mining and what department or type of work interests you and most importantly, enjoy.

“Once you find this, the sky is the limit. Aim high and work to be the best you can be,” said Sean.

Following his own advice, Sean is looking to continue his career with MACA and is committed to doing the best he can; tackling the challenges and embracing the opportunities.

“I am excited to be part of a team that has the drive to be successful and be part of something that has a bright future.”