Simulation learning helps industry new entrants

We are pleased to be bringing new technologies to our Dump Truck Operator (DTO) Development Program through simulation learning.

The Hitachi Simulator helps increase operator safety, improve productivity and reduce levels of unscheduled truck maintenance.

Equipped with real vehicle parts and consoles, vehicle status display function, and geographical mapping replicating a real mine environment, the simulator provides users an immersive learning experience.

The simulator imitates operator errors and events with focus on hazard avoidance, brake management, fuel efficiency, tyre preservation and operator productivity.

Technical Trainer, Rachel Raisin, is delighted to be offering aspiring operators realism training.

“Simulation learning means trainees can experience and troubleshoot different scenarios without risk before they head to site.

“It’s an exciting component of the program, participants love it,” said Rachel.

We are pleased to be continuously improving our development programs at MACA, helping shape a bright future for operators new to the industry.

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