Group 26

Creating sustainable Infrastructure for the future

MACA Infrastructure is equipped to deliver the ‘whole of life’ project through our integrated systems, technology and experienced project management teams. From engineering through to design, construction and maintenance our team is ready to deliver your next infrastructure project. 

With over thirty years in the industry, we have provided expertise and solutions that have successfully maintained over 5000 kilometres of remote, regional arterial roads, highways, and freeways for our clients.

Focusing on innovation, and delivery, our works span across both brownfield and greenfield sites.  From bridgeworks to roundabout constructions and foreshore redevelopments – our versatile portfolio ensures we can deliver a tailored solution for your next build.

MACA Infrastructure can deliver: 

  • Competency in the design and construction of roads and associated infrastructure
  • Maintenance of road and roadside assets including surfacing, asphalting, stabilising, sign repair and replacement, guidepost installation, guardrail repair and installation, shoulder and verge repairs, line marking and vegetation management
  • Maintenance management systems providing complementary services for programming of works and feeding back into your asset register
  • Rehabilitation of existing roads including pavement improvement processes, drainage rectification, profiling and resurfacing safety upgrades and landscaping.
  • Construction and landscaping of Shared Use Paths for various councils and road authorities.
  • Safe Roads improvement works, Wire rope Barriers and Guardrail improvements.