Group 26

A New level of Efficiency

We provide services and solutions to the mining and resource sector industries, consistently meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. We have a reputation for strong, reliable performance, making us a partner of choice.

MACA Mining Pty Ltd offers a host of Drilling and Blasting services. With modern, well-maintained equipment and extensive knowledge of the latest technologies, we effectively and efficiently cover all aspects of drilling and blasting.


MACA has a modern fleet of proven drilling equipment available to meet all project needs, including:

  • Production drilling for surface mining operations or quarries
  • Pre-split Drilling
  • Contour Drilling and Pioneering
  • Blast Hole Sample Drilling
  • Probe Drilling


MACA offers a complete blasting service utilising the latest technology to deliver tailored blasting solutions:

  • Production blasting for surface mining operations and quarries
  • Pre-split and final wall blasting
  • Drill and Blast design services
  • Blasting solutions for civil construction
  • Controlled blasting